As we all know, Alzheimer’s disease was the main culprit that took away the life of our late president Ronald Reagan. Since then his wife has been supporting the research about stem cell.

When the late president Reagan passed away the study of human embryonic stem cell research increased and many have also started to support it. The research revolves around the matter about the destruction of the human stem cell. Many supporters believed that the transplant of it will help cure diseases such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Medical researchers also supported this study and hoping that the government will support it too.

Many believed that the proponents of the transplant therapy will help scientists to find the right cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Though still many researchers and scientists say that inducing it will not help to give the cure to Alzheimer’s disease. It helps tissues and cells in the body to heal. According to the latest study, stem cell produces over 30 new cells and tissues which are both essential in helping heal the damaged cells in the body.

Also, it has the ability to ‘recruit’ another cells and tissues to help it heal the damaged tissues and cells. They are also active in suppressing the T-cell function, promoting and providing T-cell function and modulate the immune system.

The basis of the research is focusing on the human embryonic cell that could help make another healthy cell or clone new cell that could patch on the damaged tissue and cells. It is also stated that by injecting the new stem cell on the heart with valve problems can make the muscle of that same damaged heart recuperate and to function well again as if it did not undergo any operation.

Another advantage of this transplant therapy is the final cure for diabetes Type-I. The loss of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas will be replaced with new cells that would help the pancreas to produce new and healthy insulin that could be used by the body as energy.

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But the most promising result is the cure for spinal cord problems. When a person suffers a spinal cord injury just like what happened to Christopher Reeve, it helped produce new cells that would help the nerves to heal and function well again.

Though it may help cure terminal diseases, the idea of helping people with Alzheimer’s diseases might be just a dream for now. There are still many research and test that must be done before researchers and scientists could finalize that it can truly cure Alzheimer’s disease.

Courtesy by: Elichelle Simons